Optical Sensor


An Optical Sensor is a device that is used for the conversion of light rays into electronic signals. It basically measures the physical quantity of light and then converts it into instrument readable form. Generally, this type of sensor is not used individually but as a part of larger devices. If you are looking for high quality Cylindrical Optical Sensor, Speon Sensors is the one-stop solution for you.

Product Details

We offer optimum quality Slot Optical Sensor that is the perfect choice used for various industrial applications. Our gamut consists of around 4,000 Photoelectric sensors, fiber optic cables, & accessories. We bring for you the best quality photoelectric sensors that are required to keep the industrial or commercial applications running. Being an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing and supplying of photoelectric sensors, we are able to offer a wide range of the products that perfectly match our clients’ requirements. These are the best solution for precise and optical control of positioning, sorting, & counting processes. We also provide customized products that are the options best for for various applications. These are specifically designed and made to cater to the particular needs of our clients.

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